The SECRET A Little Bird Told Me

I was sitting on my deck in the woods the other day and was taken to watch a lone sparrow on a brush pile. Normally I see these birds at the feeders but he was just staying there looking around. He seemed to be listening for something.

While I sat there I was hearing the cars and trucks going by, the roar of the stream and the other birds chirping away. But this sole bird wasn’t responding to any of these sounds.

Then it happened. He heard SOMETHING (which I did not at first) and responded with a single but strong chirp. Quiet again until he heard (and I did this time) the faintest of chirps. It didn’t sound like his. It was distant, shorter and more staccato. He responded with another chirp and now the “communication” became more frequent until he flew away to meet “beak to beak”.

Having listened to a great presentation by Soraya Gutman ( on communication the week before, the secret of the bird was revealed.

You and I are SELECTIVE listeners. Because of our backgrounds but, more importantly, our behavioral styles, we tend to hear/understand certain conversations better than others. We LISTEN for our STYLE, our “chirp”. When someone else “speaks our language”, we perk up and can even be moved into action.

So, do you know YOUR style? Have you learned to LISTEN and SPEAK in the styles of the people that are in your life (home, work, community)?

Do some reading or contact me (or Soraya) to learn how you can become a better communicator for the sake of your business, your family and your happiness.

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