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Tim Rooney

Welcome to PeopleMation

Tim Rooney, founder and President of PeopleMation LLC, believes that every person has an enormous potential for greatness and thus, so does every organization. With over 35 years of experience in corporate, small business and entrepreneurial America, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and best practices to business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders/managers.

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Executive Mentor

It's lonely at the top!

As executive leaders, we are expected to be at the top of our game every minute of the day. We understand that we have to continue to "sharpen our saw" and learn to give our organizations the type of leadership they deserve.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Leader Development

Teams are "gold mines". The job a leader is to learn how to release that potential. To do that they need skills and mentoring.

  • Do your leaders know how to ask "armor piercing" questions?
  • Do your leaders know how to enable the team to take ownership and get result?
  • Do your teams know how to keep score and how to work together?